Thursday, December 24, 2009

Future Of Cricket

Another high scoring game comes to an end, another game where side batting second comfortably scored 300+ runs. In the earlier days, score of 250 was considered a reasonable total and if scored 300, would only be reduced to mere formality before end of match ceremony. But, over the years with slow, dead pitches are giving rise to entertainers more than cricketers. I don't understand how far this is going to last. I mean with these pitches only a low self esteem person would be fast bowler because they hardly leave scope for him to not get hit for less than six a over. In this scenario, I think going forward, we should replace bowlers with ball throwing machines that are used in net-practices and we can actually decide the winner with the team who hits more sixes.
With T20 and IPL game is all about hard hitting and no technique, with this I think we will keep churning out Sehwags and no more Dravid or Sachin. God bless Cricket.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Point Someone

This weekend while cleaning up the house, I accidentally got hold of the book Five Point Someone. I thought to myself, great now between the time I would finish some office work, I would have good TP. But, life rarely turns out what you expect it to be. :-)
Coming back to the book, as the cover suggests it is based on life at IIT. But, I would say the incidents could have occurred across any engineering college and if you have lived in a hostel in your education days, you could easily relate to the whole system sucks thoughts, all bad food, no money days, the splitting (money and friends both) and of-course occasional indulgence.
The book is very well written, it has all the elements to make a good story be it relationships, fall-outs, action, drama and steamy affair. When I started reading the book, I just could not put it down, pages turned one after the other and I completed the book sitting at one place with a kind of permanent chuckle and an occasional laugh. Go for it guys, I think it is worth spending few hours for it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Balanced people

Balanced people are never exorbitantly successful....because they are "balanced". :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slim-look secret

After months of rigorous gym sessions and disciplined diet, I realized the secret to slim looks is...wearing right fitting clothes.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cricket Next Generation

Since the time I embraced Cricket as religion, it has come a long way. Fifteen odd years have passed, at that time one day cricket was well followed in all the cricketing nations. Bouncer around the nose height was always no balled, no field restrictions. It had its own start specialists in K Srikant, Ajay Jadeja, Robin Singh, Micheal Beven and many more. One day Cricket started in nineteen seventies and it served a great relief from boring Test Cricket which for around next couple of decades continuously lost popularity only to resurrect in nineties when Aussies introduced aggressive cricket.
One dayers have offered some of great competitions, players and always been entertaining fans around the world. A generation of fans has passed, people's taste have changed and cricket was again fighting the battle for survival. Around the same time, T20 came into existence and brought with itself lot of glamor, money and viewership to cricket. In absence of which cricket was indeed a dying sport. Many argued T20 is not the cricket blah blah. But, like it or not, the rise in popularity of cricket and the viewership it added, T20 is here to stay for a long time.
Now, its again time to move on for cricket, clearly test cricket is for people who enjoy traditional cricket though their number might be limited but it has its own cult following and also the cricketing fraternity definitely feels too attached to stop playing it. The biggest causality of T20 became the one day internationals. T20 is simply more exciting and glamorous than one dayers that too in only half the time. This trend just sets the ground for end of road to one dayers. Many of the past greats are advocating this and now ECB along with its affiliated counties decided to take out one dayers from their playing calenders. Well I think this is natural progression for cricket and betterment for players to play more positive cricket.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Calvin's Quote on Life

That's one of the remarkable things about Life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Confused ideology

BJP used to be a party with a difference. A party of leaders with clean image, strong national views and learned. Leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L. K. Advani, M. M. Joshi talked sense that could strike chord with the educated and frustrated lot. Eventually they could get their hand on top job. Their performance was marginally better in comparison to their predecessors. They had all bright next rung leaders as in Arun Jaitly, Sushma Swaraj, Pramod Mahajan and at times it felt this party is going to stay on top for quite some time.
But, somewhere along the line they seem to have lost their focus. It became evident with their defeat in 2004 elections. Since then they never seemed to be on the recovery path. Apart from their forte Gujarat and couple of other places, BJP has lost a lot of ground. Now they seem complete directionless. Every now and then they would make sensational comment about radical Hinduism and end up clarifying it rest of the time. At some point, they were people with ideology but now they seem to be confused. The latest example being all turmoil occurred with Jaswant Singh's book. The book claims to be a work of research. It does not hypothesize or postulate anything, it claims to be based on facts. I am not vouching for his book nor do I share same views on him but I definitely do not consider it anti-national or for that matter proponent of any ideology. BJP seems to have different thinking. They claim their heroes and ideology is betrayed by this. I fail to understand when the book does not propose any ideology how come it betrays other and the heroes it downs are the ones who banned BJP's mother organization (RSS). After spending decades in party, shaping its policies and thinking; the treatment mooted out to Jaswant Singh does not seem to be right. In a way it seems stupid of party to do such a thing. The top leaders are shying away from taking responsibility of ousting Singh, it just does not seem to be a wise decision.
Party has continuously lost ground among masses, there is hardly any star leader to take guard at top after L K Advani. This is a time when they should unite themselves and resurrect the party because country not only needs a stable government but also a united and firm opposition which can only lead their way back to top.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Swine Flu Effect

These days wherever I go, I see most people in grip of fear. Hotels, multiplexes, malls have been shut down. Everyone is afraid of swine flu, lot of misconceptions have prevailed and people have become paranoid with the idea that they might be contracted with it. With all this you see lot of funny things around like few wear surgical masks even inside a car.
One benefit I see is people have become conscious of hygiene and importance of clean environment. But, it has taken its own toll, there is shortage of Dettol, mommies have become extra conscious and experimenting everything from Camphor Goli to Influenza 200. Another effect is the roads are not much occupied people have become more home bound basically avoiding crowds. Last Sunday I walked through Hongkong lane without my body being rubbed against anyone.
I find it weird, some of the precautions were always necessary but just that there was no fear of dying, it did not matter to anyone. It is just amazing to see the difference in the same people who have been so inert earlier and now so much more aware and active. No matter how screwed up could be one's daily life, everyone wants to live, I would say to suffer more. :P

PS: Government has asked people to avoid public places, employee turnout at Infosys has gone low.
[ Just an attempt to crack a PJ ;-) ]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebrating Identity

Happy Independence Day folks, celebrate the identity you share with one billion others and a history of 9000 years. I wish I should have done something today to make it count.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Growing Up

When I was seven, I used to think what a wonderful place this earth is; every time I pass by all these new people appear and big buses come around filling this space up. It further used to get me into thinking what happens to all those people, buses and bridges when I am not in that frame, how do they survive? I somehow had the notion that I am the center of the world and everything else just moves around me. I just did not fathom the fact that life equal to me, other than me and in parallel to me can exist. Well, am glad all that was really long time back.
Time passed by I was eleven, I had grown out of earlier kiddish thoughts and started to believe that I am the last hope this world has. I am omnipotent, a re-incarnation of noble soul, I am the one (so to speak Neo). I even had a belief that if I concentrate enough I can lit up and turn off a candle. I even tried that but that candle was not smart enough to understand my prowess and I had more important things to do than proving it to stupid candles.
At sixteen, I looked around and thought well so sad for the world, it lost its last chance recognizing me as the One. But, still there is hope, with all the wisdom in me I could probably bring all the conflicts in the world to end and give a fair deal even to the last person on the planet. I just need to go to UN, become its president and that's it I will save the world, pretty neat huh. ;-)
Afterwords, engineering happened to me and at twenty one it occurred to me that "Thoda locha ho gaya mere sochne me" There are sets of problems, I won't be able to solve. Not all things are as easily achievable as I used to thought. But, I still found the comfort in the fact that I am more knowledgeable and wise than most blokes around me.
More time passed by, I spent some time in professional life, getting all round view of world in general, I realized I am too insignificant a person. I have achieved too little compared to people from my time or history. Forget about the world problems, if I could fix my problems and get things in order, it would be a significant achievement.
Now, I wonder if all along I was growing up in age or growing low in my expectations or may be I was getting matured, who knows how long I have to go. :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chasing the rains

Past Sunday we roomies again decided to visit Lavasa. This time Mayur had done the recce for Lavasa route and found out that to enter on a bike Helmet and License are mandatory. To reach Lavasa, you need to leave the road towards Tamhini after Pirangut and take a left turn. Once on that route, the drive gets better and better as you reach the modern day India's largest hill city. I had earlier thought not to write about this trip and only post photos but it has been such an eventful trip that I am compelled to convey them in my lousy words.
You need to cross a hill to reach Lavasa, as you climb up the road gets foggier, there are few small waterfalls along the road and whole drive is a superb experience. There is lot of construction going on currently in the city and not much to enjoy on a rainy day. Our plan wasn't limited to reach Lavasa and come back but follow the Mutha river on its path towards Panshet through Warasgaon. On this route we met with only couple of other wanderer groups. I feel if you go to really crowded place as in Sinhagad, the whole time you keep on honking and finding a place to park a vehicle the whole essence of monsoon biking is lost in it.
Somewhere in middle of Lavasa and Panshet, we saw a waterfall and went to check it out. I was the first one to reach the waterfall. After being drenched completely in rains, I was shivering in water. I removed my wallet and kept it inside pocket of my jacket which does not have a zipper. I posed for couple of photos and immediately realized that I have lost my wallet; sometime between the two clicks, my wallet had fallen from pocket and got flown in water. Now, I am screwed for next few weeks having lost my two wheeler and four wheeler licenses, thousand bucks and who knows what other till the time I find out. Apart from this, Mayur's bike fall off while it was parked, leaving him with a dent on petrol tank and broken right side rear view mirror. After Panshet, Mayur's bike got punctured, fortunately we did not have much trouble get it fixed. If all that was not enough, once our road was blocked by couple of cows, somehow we managed to get past them as well. I hope next time around there won't be any un-fateful events and just to make it certain, my list of precautions have just increased. :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moment of Truth

As anyone who has seen "American" game show moment of truth would have guessed if ever there will be an Indian version, pretty soon the guardian of "Indian" culture would feel threatened. Star Plus is airing Indian version as "Sach Ka Samana" for less than a week now and Parliament has discussed it, I&B ministry has issued a notice to the producers' of show and honorable Delhi High Court is going to decide whether the is is "obscene and against Indian culture and ethos."
As a matter of fact, the same Indian audience is all watching it and talking about it; isn't the population wise enough to choose what it wants to see? Do the people who watch inherit different culture? I wonder why and how this show about virtually nobodies gets so much of popularity? You can find enough people who have had weak moments and have failed somewhere. The show in a way sensationalizes those specific events. It surely makes or breaks relationships. But, people who are willing to come out open about it, take risk and make money out of it, go there. Also, nobody forces anyone to watch it, if TRPs for the show are down, surely the show would be wrapped up even if King of Bollywood sells it.
I really don't know how to define Indian culture whose population is amalgamation of all the major religions in the world with widely different practices and languages. But, I surely can say, even hundred shows like "Sach ka samana" are not going to make any crack in the Indian culture(whatever it means).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pune to Lonavala

This is one route to Lonavala from Pune not many know and the ones who are aware of it rather avoid it. It passes along Mulshi dam through Pirungut Ghat. This route is longer but also it is quite narrow and dangerous for a normal drive to Lonavala easy choice to give it a miss. We happened to bump onto this road was pure matter of chance. Past weekend we roomies decided to check out Lavasa city. Knowing that it lies on the road to Paud gaon, five of us road on our 150cc bikes down the Chandani Chowk. Well we missed out on locating Lavasa but we continued wandering in Tamhini Ghat :). The drive is superb as roads are well maintained passing through green hills, perfect Pune mansoon with a little drizzle and a lot of fog around.
After the Neve goan (50 odd kms from Chandani Chowk) the road split, we had two options either continue through Tamhini Ghat towards Murud a hundred odd kms from there with a fairly decent road or take narrow one to Lonavala through a dense forest. It was 6.30PM, all we had was bikes and plastic money, after some thoughts we went for Lonavala and thankfully it turned out to be a worthwhile decision. A wonderful ride for someone in Pune looking out for a decent biking experience. Mind you it is a bit risky, we were lucky not to get into any accident but next time if I am gonna go that route it would be in day time and with some more preparation. There were several passes on that road where water through hill spilled over the road and after the heavy rains it would be very difficult to cross it on two-wheelers.
This 50Km drive is the best I ever had on a two wheeler. The road was foggy with hardly any visibility. The beam thrown by headlights was dispersed in fog and the one who was driving in front could actually see his shadow on the wall of fog. There were few settlements along the road but hardly any city necessities all along. I doubt if we had got a punctured tire whether we could have managed to get it fixed before Lonavala. But, one surprising aspect was we did encounter our ST Mahamandal buses which was a bit assuring. There is a Arhatic Ashram on that road, must say a very great setting to unwind.
The whole experience was amazing and much needed break from polluted city environment. Lot of greenery with a very soothing eloquence of nature, it was a refreshing couple of hours.

Monday, June 22, 2009

India's Own Convertible

Well well well this is some news that brought a big smile on my face. I have always longed for convertibles and complained that we don't have convertibles manufactured here in India, a factor that makes them out of reach for most of us. But, I just got to know that a little known San Motors produce convertibles right here in Goa and it is quite affordable too.
Now, I am not sure about the quality of product but I am quite elated with this prospect.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stupid Ladies' Hour

We have a swimming pool in our society, pretty neat considering we are still a third world country. Well the pool is OK but the thing that takes the neat-count down is weird rules. First we can access the pool only for five hours a day, two in morning and three in evening. To make the matter worse in those five hours, two hours are reserved as ladies timings means only women can use the pool. So for no valid reason my options get severely limited. Why have such stupid restrictions? It just does not make any sense if you think it helps in protecting your women from cheapos. Frankly speaking these are the places you can get hold of such miscreants very easily and beat the hell of out them. This way you make place safer for women rather than making everyone suffer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Root for India in T20 Semis

Well I am not out of my mind or day-dreaming but the fact is there is ICC Women's T20 World Cup being organized alongside the one we all know and the good news is India-Women's team has got into semis. They are set to play today in Nottingham. The live broadcast of match will happen on Star Cricket in India at 5 PM. Well I am no fan of Woman's cricket but I wish they win. Way to go eves, make us proud. :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MTV Roadies

Ever since MTV Roadies has debuted, I liked its concept very youthful, goal oriented and supposed to be total no non-sense business. For me, this show represents the idea of reality show otherwise I have been hugely disappointed by MTV Splitsvilla and other talent-hunt plus reality shows. Coming back to Roadies, another nice thing is, it puts out clearly that it is a tough world out there and at times may not be not so nice.

This show has made quite a few faces very popular not only the creators but also the participants. Biggest beneficiary being Raghu who has terrorized and caught imagination of whole of burger eating population. Many a times I found him showing lot more than required amount of attitude. But, with his interviews it is aptly clear that we have enough dhakkan young population.

Currently in its 5th season, these guys have taken a giant leap going all the way to Australia and man this time it has actually been bigger than ever. I don't know of any other show that could possibly compete with Roadies in terms of production quality. I think fear factor hosted by Akshay Kumar was on par with this but still Roadies has definitely raised the bar for Indian television programming. Though there are accusations that things are scripted in it but there is no proof of it and the fact remains it is one of the most popular TV shows. In my view they are doing a commendable job. The admirable part for me has been every episode they have come up with innovative competitions. Crocodile stunt and open air walk between the air-balloons have been really daring stuff. Of-course vote outs have been very dramatic and interesting. One of the best episodes this season for me was when the gang of Bobby, Pradeep and Sandeep were shown door in a single episode. That was really the turning moment of this leg.

In my view either of Sufi and Natasha deserved to win this season but unfortunately both of them are out and all we have is Nauman and Palak. Nauman has come out really good in last few episodes may be he is the best amongst girls. :P

Anyways I am looking forward to the two part grand finale, hoping it to live the "Hell Down Under" brag.

Friday, April 3, 2009

First Steps

I know nothing of swimming and though I am six feet tall, I will probably drown in four feet water too. I am not aquaphobic as such but somehow I always kept away from swimming may be it was because of overtly protective mom who fears after learning swimming my arrogance could get me in danger. So away from mom's nest, I have gone ahead with swimming, got enrolled in an expensive club, got required gears ready and all filled with enthusiasm.

After alienating the inhibitions, I started day one with my coach Kushal, he better be really "Kushal" in teaching swimming and saving people in pool otherwise India could risk an Olympics Medal. Anyways with all the burden of my heavy body and expectations I entered the pool and straight away Kushal stopped me to tell me, "This is not the way you enter the pool, you should enter like this." I looked at him and told myself, "Ooh, here it starts."

Learning new things is fun, I feel like going back to school. When you say school, it's about making new friends, learning new tricks and the victory dance. :P

My first assignment was to get at ease with pool. That was easy just having the walk in chest-dip water, I am no dumb-ass to screw that up. After that Kushal told me its time to learn a trick. He said we are very much used to breath in through nose and breath out via mouth, but swimming is different. You have to breath in through mouth in the open air and under water breath out via the nose. I told myself, "What crap, how is that possible under water?"

For first few attempts I could not get any air out from anywhere. I told him, "नहीं हो रहा है." He said, "अबे जोर लगा." जोर लगा?? What the F? I thought "कहा से जोर लगा और कहा पे जोर लागाना है." Still reluctantly I thought of giving another shot and I thought it would be like blowing your nose. So I took a deep breath and holding the bar, went beneath the water surface and tried blowing nose, surprisingly it worked. I could hear and see the bubbles around. I immediately came out of water and raised my hand up exclaiming, "Me..Me..Me, I got that." For those of all who have not done this, have you done blowing air in a drink using the straw? How much fun was that? Well breathing out in water through nose felt like that only; difference being now you are at the other end of the straw. :)

After passing out lot of air inside water, next lesson was to learn peddling, I did it for few minutes and it was time, class over for day one. It was good fun for first day. I hope I would continue it over a month and learn basic swimming at least.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Couple of realizations

A friend once told me, "You have very little control over what is going to happen." Well for many things this is true but I refuse to accept it as a blanket rule. I believe one has sufficient control over own actions to decide how one intends to spend his time and these decisions largely affect the outcome if not entirely.

I plan a lot in life; I dream a lot. Many of my plans go bust because I have always missed out on some or the other parameter even misjudged my abilities. I have realized that you have to take life as it comes. You are probably too in-experienced or in-competent to determine in advance with total accuracy how things are going to unfold. You invest in most promising stock and six months down the line you find out there is hardly any value left in it.

Life is about problems in opportunities and opportunities in problems. It depends on one's abilities to spot the opportunities or make the mess of it. Early in his career Amitabh Bachchan was rejected at All India Radio for his rather deep voice and later that voice contributed to the making of superstar of millennium.

Though uncertainty is a fact of life, certain amount of planning is necessary because plans give you directions. Moving without directions, you would be surprised with the destinations you reach. And yes not all surprises are pleasant.

Delving further on this line of thought there is another important realization of life that is to keep looking ahead. What one can pick from the time gone by is the experience and not repent about the lost time or resources. Life is indeed too short to crib on things left behind.

What makes life enriching and fulfilling is dreams, efforts pursuing them, company of loved ones, assurance of being accepted, transformation of self in that journey and the rewards that come along. There is so much to achieve in life, so much to take from it, I feel one life is too short for living it fully. So why waste time in repenting instead make the most of things at hand.

Success and failure are part of game. Till date it has not happened to anyone who has never tasted failure. Fear of failure should not stop one from dreaming or taking the next step. It is essential to have a goal and to keep walking towards it, other things will surely fall in place.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And an ad that left me speechless

[Source: GreatBong]
Couple of days back I came across an ad by Israeli defense firm Rafael to woo the Indian Army with their missile technology. The ad left me speechless. Do whatever but do not miss this ad. I just can't think how one can imagine to sell missiles with such marketing. I hope it is a spoof, it better be a spoof.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Top three ads this season

I watch lot of TV thus end up watching lot of repeatable stuff that happens to be advertisements. Most of the ads are useless, they definitely don't serve their purpose and waste our time.
But, few ads are cut above the rest, they make me watch them again and again. At times I even wait for them to show up. :-)
Here I am listing three such ads that have aired in past six months, all three of them have wonderful tune to support them, excellently shot and very creative.
Third on my most favorite ads is Visa travel happy campaign. Nice tune, intelligently shot, core theme of product is maintained in tact and soothing in the wild world of loud ads. Here is the you tube link and you can download it from here.
Second ad is from Vodafone campaign of 10p sms, "sabko pata chalega" theme. Vodafone folks always come out with suit of ads and they are always decent. Remember the "Happy to Help" campaign. One issue with these guys is, they just don't know when to shut up. They keep playing the ad again and again so however good the ad may be, after a while you want to turn it off. My favorite ad from their suit is of a middle aged (bald) man buying a ring, passing through all the looks he never got and approaching his girlfriend in a restaurant. Nicely shot, very good tune in background and again sticking to the idea. Here it is on you tube and download link is here.
My most favorite ad this season and many more seasons to come is of Limca "Fresh Ho Jao" featuring Sushma Reddy, the ad is wonderfully shot with a very good song playing in the background. If you have not watched it, you can get it here. The young couple trapped in traffic jam get refreshed with Limca and playing pranks on each other. Very nicely created ad with the focus right on their product.

Friday, February 6, 2009

They Just Don't Get It

I have often noticed people, including myself, using the expression, "Ooh, why they just don't get it!!!" It so happens that something is evident and so obvious that conveying that information seems redundant, far leaving the need for convincing it. With this line of thought, if encountered with disagreeing party, it gives rise to conflicts. I recently read a book dealing with the same issue, not surprisingly named 'They Just Don't Get it.' The book puts forward an idea about 'how to change resistance into understanding.'
Some of the ideas presented in this book are similar to the ones presented in '7 Habits of Highly Effective People.' But still I recommend reading this book for simplicity of its presentation. It is a pretty small book, does not include boring lectures on philosophy, human psycology or behavioral patterns. It has constructed a very happy scenario, the conflict that occured because of different lines of thoughts and finally the solution. It gives out five simple tacts called as "Get It Keys" which if applied properly can get you out of the syndrom, "I just don't get it, when they don't get it."
One of my favorite lines from the book is "The older we get, the more fallible we become. We know less compared to how much there is to know but more about what's important and what we need to know."
So folks, if you ever wondered the person sitting next to you is probably from different planet, take couple of hours out and read this book. You would either understand his point of view or change yours :-)

Monday, January 26, 2009

It wasn't me

As India celebrates 60th Republic day today, it is also two months since terror unleashed itself in worst possible way in Mumbai. As the official word goes, ten people received intense commando training somewhere in Pakistan, sailed from Karachi towards Mumbai. Once here fired at random, hold the symbolic places under siege for over 60 hrs, taking innocent lives, killing police officers and preachers of faith too. According to me this is not a terrorist act, it is a war. It is a well thought out, planned, prepared and executed war. Sadly, we have lost this battle.
Today looking back at two months, we need to ask ourselves where are we? Grand processions for martyrs, glued to breaking news TV presentations, venting out anger through peace marches and in tea time discussions is all behind us now. Though our government has been successful in defaming Pakistan and its establishment, but how much of it is going to be effective considering the fact, two months have passed and the masterminds are still at large. We have identified their faces, we know about their whereabouts but we can't do anything.
We have setup National Investigative Agency, that will help out on achieving better co-ordination of intelligence input within different states and center. But, all of it hardly seems promising. I do not think if we are ever going to get our hands on these Pakistan based elements. But, what seems more probable is similar such attacks of same or greater magnitude. Make no mistake worse has no limits and if we don't act now, things are just going to get worse. We have seen pictures from Gaza and one day it can come to us too.
We, the normal citizens put blame on leaders. Leaders in turn blame foreign hand or rouge elements. But, we need to introspect, is it that politicians have been airdropped or they came from within us. Our system has produced them, chose them to lead us. If they are inefficient or lack abilities or themselves of darker shades, what are we going to do?
The root cause is nobody is doing own job sincerely. Everyone is interested in jumping over the light or similar such law escapades. If each and everyone of us works sincerely, pays taxes honestly and follows rules, we can demand accountability from the officials or politicians. Rather than doing this, we point out faults in others. Some consider paying tax is actually a charge of service that one should recieve. Is it correct? I think paying taxes is a National Duty and demanding effective governance is a Right. It can not be, I don't get good roads, I won't pay taxes.
To move towards a brighter future, we need to take responsibility of our actions, stop giving excuses and be honest. I believe these things can only build our nation without which every progress is going to fall like a structure of cards. Now the choice is ours, either we make humble beginnings or live under the fear of terrorism.