Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird

"To Kill A Mockingbird" is the best literary work I have read in recent years, not only the writing is of highest quality but also it tells a very moving story of a single father parenting his two young children and standing up to a cause he believes in amongst a very hostile environment.
The story is set in times of Great Depression and told from the perspective of a six year old girl Jean Louise "Scout" Finch who along with her elder brother Jem and Father Atticus Finch are staying in Maycomb, Albama. Jean Louise's mother had passed away early enough for the girl not to have any remembrance of hers. The family is supported by a black governess, Calpurina. Atticus who is a lawyer by profession, is entrusted with responsibility to defend a black man accused of raping a white girl. In the times when racial discrimination is very much prevalent in the society, the family puts up one a very brave and sincere efforts to walk the chosen path. The story very beautifully traces childhood's frank, unabashed and careless attitude through Jean Louise, end of innocence in maturity through Jem while Atticus serves as the righteous hero.
After writing such a master piece, I wonder how could Harper Lee, the author, stayed away from publishing any other novel ever. I was a little dis-appointed with the way story finished because I just could not have enough of Jean Louise and I too have that expectation which wants an all happy ending but real life is not like that nor the novel.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lose your weight

I don't know how many people are interested in losing weight but I have been longing for it since forever it seems. I recently picked up the book "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight" by Rutuja Diwekar (Kareena's "size zero" is lot to do with her). In this book, she shatters many myths related to weight loss and I found the content quite crisp with adequate information to back it up.

She has very effectively communicated why things like extreme diets, detox diets or any other form of fad things don't work. She advises to eat a balanced meal and couple it with regular exercise.

The crux of her advice comes down to following four principle that one should incorporate it in lifestyle:
1. Eat something in first ten minutes of waking up but strictly avoid tea or coffee as the first thing in the day.
2. Eat every two to three hours in the day in smaller portions.
3. Eating habits should be in proportion to levels of activity.
4. Maintain a gap of at least two hours in your last meal and bed time.

The book has no literary value but it is high on knowledge which is expected from a fitness expert. I must add that the book startled me with some forthright expressions, also time and again she presents some analogies from completely unrelated domains that again surprisingly keep you intrigued. She has written down many of her client interactions which you definitely can relate to people around you and her sharp remarks, leave a chuckle on your face.

There is loads of more information available in the book on different kinds of food, nutrients needed by body. All in all it is a very educative yet fun to read, now I must follow it to see how effective it is :-).