Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dead Poets Society

Starring Robin Williams Dead Poets Society is a story of an un-orthodox teacher trying to revive the consiousness of students which is long crushed under the age old schooling methodology. When the movie started it gave me impressions if it is going to be on the lines of Mohabbatein but with Robin Williams' entry I thought it's going to be like Taare Zameen Par, well that's me trying to look beyond the picture. I immidieatly gathered myself back and continued with the movie, somwhere it felt like Three Idiots and ending in Munnabhai style.
All said and done, the story does not have drastically new to offer but having seen enough movies and world in general somewhere emphasis is less on story than the way it is told and on that account DPS scores full marks.
The crux of the story is about a new teacher on the block trying to challange the established norms, creating a reformed group of followers, consequences of young, restless mind and prejudice of society. The interesting aspect of movie is its theme revolves around poetry. The teacher helps students to come out of own imagined fears and think beyond which is how poetry should be treated. It has to be fantacy, it should make you fly and not be prisoned by the practicality or the physics laws. On the whole a very good movie, a must watch.