Thursday, December 24, 2009

Future Of Cricket

Another high scoring game comes to an end, another game where side batting second comfortably scored 300+ runs. In the earlier days, score of 250 was considered a reasonable total and if scored 300, would only be reduced to mere formality before end of match ceremony. But, over the years with slow, dead pitches are giving rise to entertainers more than cricketers. I don't understand how far this is going to last. I mean with these pitches only a low self esteem person would be fast bowler because they hardly leave scope for him to not get hit for less than six a over. In this scenario, I think going forward, we should replace bowlers with ball throwing machines that are used in net-practices and we can actually decide the winner with the team who hits more sixes.
With T20 and IPL game is all about hard hitting and no technique, with this I think we will keep churning out Sehwags and no more Dravid or Sachin. God bless Cricket.