Monday, January 26, 2009

It wasn't me

As India celebrates 60th Republic day today, it is also two months since terror unleashed itself in worst possible way in Mumbai. As the official word goes, ten people received intense commando training somewhere in Pakistan, sailed from Karachi towards Mumbai. Once here fired at random, hold the symbolic places under siege for over 60 hrs, taking innocent lives, killing police officers and preachers of faith too. According to me this is not a terrorist act, it is a war. It is a well thought out, planned, prepared and executed war. Sadly, we have lost this battle.
Today looking back at two months, we need to ask ourselves where are we? Grand processions for martyrs, glued to breaking news TV presentations, venting out anger through peace marches and in tea time discussions is all behind us now. Though our government has been successful in defaming Pakistan and its establishment, but how much of it is going to be effective considering the fact, two months have passed and the masterminds are still at large. We have identified their faces, we know about their whereabouts but we can't do anything.
We have setup National Investigative Agency, that will help out on achieving better co-ordination of intelligence input within different states and center. But, all of it hardly seems promising. I do not think if we are ever going to get our hands on these Pakistan based elements. But, what seems more probable is similar such attacks of same or greater magnitude. Make no mistake worse has no limits and if we don't act now, things are just going to get worse. We have seen pictures from Gaza and one day it can come to us too.
We, the normal citizens put blame on leaders. Leaders in turn blame foreign hand or rouge elements. But, we need to introspect, is it that politicians have been airdropped or they came from within us. Our system has produced them, chose them to lead us. If they are inefficient or lack abilities or themselves of darker shades, what are we going to do?
The root cause is nobody is doing own job sincerely. Everyone is interested in jumping over the light or similar such law escapades. If each and everyone of us works sincerely, pays taxes honestly and follows rules, we can demand accountability from the officials or politicians. Rather than doing this, we point out faults in others. Some consider paying tax is actually a charge of service that one should recieve. Is it correct? I think paying taxes is a National Duty and demanding effective governance is a Right. It can not be, I don't get good roads, I won't pay taxes.
To move towards a brighter future, we need to take responsibility of our actions, stop giving excuses and be honest. I believe these things can only build our nation without which every progress is going to fall like a structure of cards. Now the choice is ours, either we make humble beginnings or live under the fear of terrorism.