Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MTV Roadies

Ever since MTV Roadies has debuted, I liked its concept very youthful, goal oriented and supposed to be total no non-sense business. For me, this show represents the idea of reality show otherwise I have been hugely disappointed by MTV Splitsvilla and other talent-hunt plus reality shows. Coming back to Roadies, another nice thing is, it puts out clearly that it is a tough world out there and at times may not be not so nice.

This show has made quite a few faces very popular not only the creators but also the participants. Biggest beneficiary being Raghu who has terrorized and caught imagination of whole of burger eating population. Many a times I found him showing lot more than required amount of attitude. But, with his interviews it is aptly clear that we have enough dhakkan young population.

Currently in its 5th season, these guys have taken a giant leap going all the way to Australia and man this time it has actually been bigger than ever. I don't know of any other show that could possibly compete with Roadies in terms of production quality. I think fear factor hosted by Akshay Kumar was on par with this but still Roadies has definitely raised the bar for Indian television programming. Though there are accusations that things are scripted in it but there is no proof of it and the fact remains it is one of the most popular TV shows. In my view they are doing a commendable job. The admirable part for me has been every episode they have come up with innovative competitions. Crocodile stunt and open air walk between the air-balloons have been really daring stuff. Of-course vote outs have been very dramatic and interesting. One of the best episodes this season for me was when the gang of Bobby, Pradeep and Sandeep were shown door in a single episode. That was really the turning moment of this leg.

In my view either of Sufi and Natasha deserved to win this season but unfortunately both of them are out and all we have is Nauman and Palak. Nauman has come out really good in last few episodes may be he is the best amongst girls. :P

Anyways I am looking forward to the two part grand finale, hoping it to live the "Hell Down Under" brag.

Friday, April 3, 2009

First Steps

I know nothing of swimming and though I am six feet tall, I will probably drown in four feet water too. I am not aquaphobic as such but somehow I always kept away from swimming may be it was because of overtly protective mom who fears after learning swimming my arrogance could get me in danger. So away from mom's nest, I have gone ahead with swimming, got enrolled in an expensive club, got required gears ready and all filled with enthusiasm.

After alienating the inhibitions, I started day one with my coach Kushal, he better be really "Kushal" in teaching swimming and saving people in pool otherwise India could risk an Olympics Medal. Anyways with all the burden of my heavy body and expectations I entered the pool and straight away Kushal stopped me to tell me, "This is not the way you enter the pool, you should enter like this." I looked at him and told myself, "Ooh, here it starts."

Learning new things is fun, I feel like going back to school. When you say school, it's about making new friends, learning new tricks and the victory dance. :P

My first assignment was to get at ease with pool. That was easy just having the walk in chest-dip water, I am no dumb-ass to screw that up. After that Kushal told me its time to learn a trick. He said we are very much used to breath in through nose and breath out via mouth, but swimming is different. You have to breath in through mouth in the open air and under water breath out via the nose. I told myself, "What crap, how is that possible under water?"

For first few attempts I could not get any air out from anywhere. I told him, "नहीं हो रहा है." He said, "अबे जोर लगा." जोर लगा?? What the F? I thought "कहा से जोर लगा और कहा पे जोर लागाना है." Still reluctantly I thought of giving another shot and I thought it would be like blowing your nose. So I took a deep breath and holding the bar, went beneath the water surface and tried blowing nose, surprisingly it worked. I could hear and see the bubbles around. I immediately came out of water and raised my hand up exclaiming, "Me..Me..Me, I got that." For those of all who have not done this, have you done blowing air in a drink using the straw? How much fun was that? Well breathing out in water through nose felt like that only; difference being now you are at the other end of the straw. :)

After passing out lot of air inside water, next lesson was to learn peddling, I did it for few minutes and it was time, class over for day one. It was good fun for first day. I hope I would continue it over a month and learn basic swimming at least.