Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai attacked again

Mumbai is a city of dreams, financial capital of India, city that truly never sleeps. This city has given countless number of people opportunities to realize their dreams. People even from the most remote places of India, wish to visit Mumbai once in lifetime.

As I write today, this part of the world is under attack, but is it the city under attack or state of Maharashtra or India. No, it's the humanity under attack, few terrorists who barged into the Taj hotel asked for British and US national to take them as hostage. When they killed people they were looking for Indians not the Hindus not the "Marathi maanus" not wealthy nor poor.

We have seen lot of terror attacks over past couple of years. But, I fail to see any concrete step taken to prevent these. Every now and then attack happens and some xxx Mujahidin crops up, claims responsibility and mocks us. Our efficient government takes the tooth away from the security agencies by removing tough terror laws as in TADA, POTA or MOCOCA. Otherwise misuses them for the purpose of settling political scores. Clearly we lack political leadership to tackle these issues.

But, when I think what I, as a citizen of this country, been doing in these troubled times, I don't see any actions. Mostly these events have turned into another topic of discussion for me. As of today, attacks have never affected me directly or indirectly. So, is it that I am going to wait till my ass is not caught in the firing lane. I think it is time for us to stand up to terrorism and support the police. I am looking for what all I can do but at least I can start with:
1. Be alert and vigil about the surrounding.
2. Not supporting anything that promotes discrimination based on religion, race or ethnicity.
3. Not being stupid, something like Rahul Raj, getting a gun and thinking of solving problems in a matter of one day.
4. Not following "Eye for an eye" rule. Less than 24 hrs ago, ATS chief who was still alive then had reported in media that 90% of their energy was eaten by Malegaon bomb blast. When we are fighting enemies from all sides of India, if our resources are wasted with our own people, how are we supposed to stop this?

The gun-battle is still on in Mumbai. But, it is the spirit of Mumbai not to stop, CST (VT station) where first reported incident of firing and blast had occurred is already operational. Should the message to terrorists be more loud and clear?