Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are the Champions

Yes, the dream that every Indian who has not experienced 1983-win and was shattered in 2003 and 2007 has become reality. These are surreal times, nobody wants to go to sleep, people are dancing in roads, more fire-crackers are being set of than Diwali or Eid, the roads are jam packed with vehicles, strangers without any kind of discremination are sharing joys all because India has beaten Srilanka in world cup final.
All credit to Men in Blue, the run up has not been easy with a tied match with England, lose to South Africa, close win over West Indies and couple of high pressured against Australia and Pakistan, it has been one hell of a ride. Though Sachin deserved all the accolades in the world for his services not only to India but also to cricket would remain un-paralleled for times to come, but it has been a team India win in complete sense. Yuvraj and Zahir Khan have fired in all the games, Gambhir and MSD both of them came out real good in final, Sachin played couple fine knocks and also people like Virat, Ashwin, Munaf, Bhajji and Nehra delivered when team needed them.
When Sachin had fallen of early in today's match, I thought our team would choke but Indian team played like champions. All credit to Gambhir, young Virat and MSD to take India to home safely. Thanks team India for making us proud....all hail Team India

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